\(ˈ)pän|sō\ noun (-s)
Etymology: French, from Old French pouncel red poppy, probably from diminutive of paon peacock, from Latin pavon-, pavo — more at pavo
1. : a strong red to reddish orange — called also coquelicot, granat
2. : a small bridge or culvert
3. usually capitalized : any of several azo dyes giving red colors: as
a. or ponceau R : an acid monoazo dye that dyes wool scarlet red and is used also in making organic pigments — see dye table I (under Acid Red 26)
b. or ponceau 3RB : an acid disazo dye that dyes wool bluish scarlet and is used also as a biological stain for cytoplasm — called also Biebrich scarlet; see dye table I (under Acid Red 66)

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